545 Kamaz Master Dakar Rally 2014

Anton Shibalov in the 545 Kamaz Master shows a slick move around a stuck car, he had no other chance (well, waiting - kinda not the spirit at a race…) - that was 49% luck!!

For the guy stuck and his car……

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ASO Dakar Rally Organizer and NetResult Solutions Trademark Bullying

ASO - Dakar Trademark holder with their ambulance chasers NetResult Solutions with the usual trademark bullying! One of our twitter stream has been disabled today - AGAIN!! This is an ongoing even for 4+ years!! There is the famous saying “$‪#‎it‬ or get of the pot” - we announced from day one as independent Dakar Rally news syndicatoirs that we are not related or associated with them. This is at any or our webpresences visible - just like here in the “About” section. All images, content etc. we have explicit permission obtained by the individual sources.

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Speedbrain Customer Race Team

The German Speedbrain customer race team is well prepared for the challenge. Coming from an excellent rally season 2013, the five riders aboard the Speedbrain 450 Rally - a machine developed in the Bavarian town of Stephanskirchen - are eager to begin this unique motorsport adventure.

The Speedbrain customer race team consists of the following five athletes: Jeremias Israel (32, Chile) is still a rally rookie and a talent to keep an eye on in the future.

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